A Bit About Me

As an interior designer, colour consultant and project manager I have one goal in mind: helping you to love your home and enjoy the pleasure it will bring you every single day.

Having a beautiful and well planned home won’t change the world but it will change your world and give you confidence, a sense of calm and create a hub for your family and friends to gather. 

I created my business to make a difference to your life. I will help you create the vision for your home, design floor plans and layouts, propose colours and finishes and make it all happen.


What I Do?

Most of my projects are complete house renovations, often my clients bring me in when they are considering a house purchase and I will advise on potential and estimated costs allowing them to make an informed decision. I then help from start to finish with the design, implementation and project management.

I also help clients who are mid-way through a house refurbishment but realise they may need help with colour schemes, lighting design, kitchen and bathroom layouts or soft furnishings.

And if I have time I also love to help with existing home dilemmas where clients may just need someone with fresh eyes to give some ideas on how to revitalise a room or series of rooms within their current home.

Whatever your home design project please do give me a call to find out how I can help.