Rusthall Avenue


This large Victorian house was completely re-modelled to create a relaxed, yet well-organised base for busy family life. 

The Beach House


Sitting on the most beautiful beach front location in Sand Banks in Dorset, this house was completely re-designed to create a relaxed family retreat. 

Richmond Hill


Asian glamour was the theme for this two year collaboration with McDaniel Woolfe Architects, to create a truly stunning family home.

Walpole Gardens



This double fronted 3 storey Victorian house was completely re-modelled and extended to create an elegant and luxurious house, and at 5000+ square feet it is perfect for entertaining on a grand scale.


Having our home of 14 years totally renovated was an overwhelming task for us, we had no idea where to begin and were anxious at the thought of spending a lot of money, ending up with an average result was a frightening prospect! Our introduction to Katherine was a God send, she has been there every step of the way from the initial planning meetings with the architect through to the final snag list, her attention to detail and professionalism made the 10 month project flow. Throughout the whole project we had a real sense that Katherine cared about the end result as much as we did. There have been many benefits in working together, such as Katherine's endless source of contacts, her work ethic, her experience, ideas, the ability to keep calm and clear headed, her relationship with people and her honesty meant so much to us. Our home is complete, it's high spec and gorgeous, Katherine has been a major part of it's success and as John would say "Katherine was worth every penny" and the fact that she could supply him with regular spreadsheets to keep track of where we were against budget was music to his ears.  Thank you Katherine, your service definitely went beyond our expectations!